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Crafting Fiction From Start To Finish

I only offer ghostwriting and editing services for fiction projects, as this is my specialty. I take great pride in understanding the many facets of what separates an unforgettable journey to another run of the mill tale one wishes they hadn’t heard at ye local tavern. From fleshing character motives to diversifying your world to defining your magic system in order to maintain a sense of realism and stakes, these are just a few of the ways I can help make your story shine.


Does this sound like you?

I have a story in my head, but I’m not sure how to tell it.

I’ve got a million things on my mind. I just don’t have time to write this novel!

I’ve written a novel. I want to publish it, & need someone to help make it great.

What working with me is like.

I believe that writing a story should be a fun and creative experience, so I don’t take myself too seriously. I do, however, take the process and deadlines very seriously. I always work with one goal in mind: Making your book the absolute best it can be. With me, you’ll receive the intense level of detail and passion your story deserves.

I want our collaboration to put you at ease.

I know that every writer has their own needs and their own approach to realizing their project, so I’m flexible and (hopefully) fun to work with. If you’d like to stay on top of the entire process, I’m happy to write in Google Docs, so that you can see each word as it’s being written. If you already have an outline and would rather me just run with it, I can do that, too. I’m here to work with you at every stage of the process!


$.05 a word. Just $.03 a word for a structural rewrite.


Do you already have a completed manuscript? Fantastic. Now, it’s time to polish your hard work by freeing it of those grammatical blemishes and correcting any structural concerns in your story’s flow. 

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to writing, be it a full-length novel or a short story, is editing. You want to make sure your book is immaculate and reads how you desire before sending it out into the world. Even the smallest spelling error can ruin the experience for your reader. I provide that level of care every step of the way: developmental editing, copy/line editing, and proofreading.

With my service and the aid of my professional software, ProWritingAid, to make certain nothing my eyes missed before go unanswered in the final product, I find these mistakes and correct them through in-depth editing. I have 7 years of writing and editing books, so I believe I can assist in picking out the errors. I’d love to do this for you because I believe every story deserves a chance at solid improvement.


  • Developmental edit: $.01 a word.
  • Copy/Line edit: $0.007 a word.
  • Proofreading: $0.003 a word.
  • Entire Package: $.015 a word. That half a penny in savings will add up!


Is your story fleshed out and devoid of all those pesky mistakes? Perfect. Now, it’s time to give it a professional look. This means cleaning up any font inconsistencies and getting those indentations just right. I’ll make your manuscript easier to read and more pleasant to the reader. 

Writing an incredible story you’re finally proud of is one of the best feelings an author can have. Once your masterpiece is finally complete, I can turn it into a manuscript ready for publication. I’ll provide headers, a table of contents, and many more features upon request. As for file types, I provide PDF’s and Epubs. Whatever you need to make your story one you’re ready to share, I’ll work hard to make it happen for you.


Formatting a manuscript: $.25 a page. This includes converting your manuscript into a publish-ready file! You also get 2 free revisions to assure I’m meeting your exact needs. Every following revision will cost $.10 a page.

Cover Design

Your book is written, it’s been finely tuned, and formatted to perfection. Now, the final step: giving that story an eye-catching cover!

The reader will see your cover before they ever read your story, so first impressions are everything. I’m new to the scene, but I’m eager to show you my abilities in the literal art of designing the perfect headliner for your book.

I’ll use a template and the software it provides to craft a cover to your needs. Though I haven’t the ability to craft something for you by scratch, I believe there’s plenty of flexibility I can offer from font to an array of borders and images. A someone who uses this software for my own books, I attest to their worth. Furthermore, if you don’t fancy one sample, I can offer something totally different. Whatever it takes, I’ll work hard to match the tone and style to make your book succeed.


Cover art: $50 per cover. I can discount in bulk.

Publishing Bundles

Stories come in all shapes and sizes, as do budgets. My hope with these bundles is to offer the flexibility you deserve in having your story realized. This is something you’ve dreamed of for a long time, I fathom. I would know since that’s where I began. Telling it can be messy, however, especially when you realize how many steps there are in actually publishing your work. That’s why I hope to pack them all together for your convenience.

The Swift Journey:


The Swift Journey promises a story up to 5,000 words (approximately 20 pages). Your tale will be told with precision and at a size that’s easy to share with friends.

  • This bundle also comes with a round of grammar proofreading. There’s no such thing as perfection, but I’ll work diligently to catch those typos! 

The Captivating Journey:


The captivating journey promises a story up to 10,000 words (approximately 40 pages). You’ll be plunged into a world of your own design while having the luxury to still enjoy it in an entire sitting, as will those with whom you choose to share it.

  • This bundle also provides a round of grammar proofreading. 
  • You’ll also receive a round of formatting. I’ll convert your story into a download ready file for you to upload and share to wherever you heart’s most content. 

The Expanding Journey: 


The expanding journey promises a story up to 30,000 words (approximately 120 pages). This grants you a novella. Many readers might call this the perfect size. Longer journeys may intimidate some while shorter journeys may leave us craving more. It’s ultimately up to the reader, but know you’ll have the book reading experience to the highest quality with this middle bundle. 

  • This bundle also provides a round of grammar proofreading. 
  • You’ll also receive a round of formatting.
  • Lastly, you’ll receive a digital book cover of your choice. I don’t provide paperback/hard cover yet, but some might say ebooks are the way of the future!

The Great Journey:


The great journey promises a story up to 60,000 words (approximately 240 pages). With manuscripts of this size, your readers will not only have the novel reading experience, but you as the idea maker will see the many winding roads of your machinations take form. Story writing is complex; rarely is it linear. Side quests and characters arcs are often what make books so wonderful. With projects of this grandeur, this is when all the fantastic facets of your story can be realized. 

  • This bundle also provides a round of grammar proofreading. 
  • You’ll also receive a round of formatting.
  • You’ll also receive a digital book cover of your choice.
  • Lastly, you’ll receive a round of style editing. This is far more in depth than grammar editing. Here, I reconsider the sentence structure that comprises your story. I look for any possible repetition, passive language, more captivating language that can be implemented, and much more. Though I seek to keep your stories prim and proper, you can never be too thorough for manuscripts this large. 

The Legendary Journey:


The legendary journey promises a story up to 100,000 words (approximately 400 pages). This is no longer just a book; it’s an epic. All the ideas you’ve been bottling up inside, all these precious details you’ve been logging away in your notebook, can be fully fleshed out here. 

  • This bundle also provides a round of grammar proofreading. 
  • You’ll also receive a round of formatting.
  • You’ll also receive a digital book cover of your choice.
  • You’ll also receive a round of style editing.
  • Lastly, if you can publish the story on your end, I can promote it for you through my social media and through my newsletter. I can’t promise to make you a millionaire, but I’d certainly be honored to help spread the word of the story that finally found its way upon the literary canvas. 
J.J. Egosi Fiction Ghostwriter, Editor, Book Formatter, Book Cover Designer

A little about me

I’ve been writing my own successful fantasy, sci-fi, and horror stories for over 7 years and I’m branching out into the ghostwriting world to write yours, too. 

My background is in fiction and I’ve covered a plethora of genres from high fantasy to steampunk to cosmic horror. I’ve published a few so far and I’d be happy to offer samples as a reference.

I’ve taken on a small handful of projects so far ranging from vampire romance to space pirate adventures. I hope to expand even further and test my capabilities with exciting new work.

I believe everyone should have the chance to have their story’s vision realized for an affordable price. As a fellow author, I know the strain money can put on one’s shoulders when trying to realize your dream. Every service I outlined, I use for my own work because that’s how much I believe in what I do.

My Books

I’ve written both standalone works and installments in a series; including tales in the high fantasy, grimdark, sci-fi, and litRPG genres. Check them out here:

Genres i’ve worked in

  • Dark Fantasy
  • Epic Fantasy
  • Urban Fantasy
  • Sword & Sorcery
  • LitRPG/Gamelit
  • NFT Short Stories
  • Hero Fantasy
  • Alien Fantasy
  • Gothic Horror
  • Cosmic Horror
  • Weird Fiction
  • Supernatural/Paranormal/Occult
  • Scifi
  • Historical Fiction
  • Space Opera
  • Military Scifi
  • Steampunk
  • Cyberpunk/Dystopian
  • Grim Fairytales 
  • Murder Mystery
  • Romance
  • Western
  • Erotica


I do NOT offer refunds. Instead, I can offer revisions for a small fee. I know this is harsh, but the time and energy that goes into doing a project is a resource I can never get back. Instead, if you aren’t entirely sure about the services you’re receiving from me, please reach out and we can speak in detail regarding the requirements and my ability to meet them. The last thing I want is for you to buy a service you’re not happy with. It may turn out I’m not the right freelancer for you and that’s okay. I know many others in the industry. I can always help you find someone who better caters to your needs.

I have a $100 job minimum. Again, I know a floor like this can be a little upsetting. Once more, I have to emphasize that putting these projects together takes an immense amount of my time and effort. I want to be passionate about working with you and I want you to feel the same way.

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