Sifters Of Pandemia

When fate offers the cruel hand of rejection…all roads lead to the stars.

A budding and energetic witch by the name of Renda seeks to make her parents proud by landing the perfect job. There’s only one problem: all of West Albion has rejected her.

After encountering two other members of society’s rejects, Tethia and Verla, the trio embark on a journey to East Albion where they hope to find the careers they’ve always dreamed of. An unexpected encounter through darkened streets leads to an opportunity that’s out of their world in more ways than one.

With destiny pointing them to new frontiers, a cosmic thespian observes with an unsettling intrigue.

What lies beyond his vainglorious smile as life takes a new turn for the trio of witches? What secrets lay beyond the stars? The truth many have been seeking of the nightmare they never knew reality to unfold? As society inches the brink of collapse from a 3,000 year old plague, time is running short for Renda and her companions as they find themselves pulled by the strings of a beast more egregious than any job they could have ever signed up for.

Sifters Of Pandemia is a space opera that tells of a young witch’s journey through the nebulous terrain of both her fractured home on Earth and the ancient wars buried beneath fairytales and planetary ruin. Readers can expect an unusual blend of genres that coalesce into a journey inspired by the very real hardships we’ve all come to know.