Demonheart: Walkers from Another Dimension

The demon king has invaded Michael’s fortress—his dreams. 

The archangel crosses the line between dreams and nightmares as he follows a trail of manipulation at the hands of what may be his greatest adversary yet.

When a powerful force from another dimension promises catastrophe if Michael does not surrender a misbegotten artifact he still yet to understands, the long-feared arrival of the demon king, Lucifer, threatens to worsen the black flames of his predicament.

If pursuing the truth he lost long ago weren’t difficult enough, his journey crosses with yet another pair of demons. 

Alexa, a tyrant in the world of steam technology, and Ursula, a lady from a world as primitive as the first beasts who walked the world. 

Will his latest encounters prove his friends or his enemies? 

Their own tragedies could pave the path to greater misfortune if he lingers beyond his means. Yet, it’s their sorrow so familiar which brings him closer. 

Demonheart: Walkers From Another Dimension is the second in the Demonheart series. Readers will find our hero clashing with a hostile duo of demons from different worlds, the secrets to gaining power over the omniverse, and the demon king seeking to pull the strings. Images of what he’d lost appear in fragments in his mind and that may prove his greatest weapon…or his worst nightmare.