Demonheart: Transylvanian Horrors

The crimson moon of a far-flung land beckons the archangel…

…little does he realize these killers are more than the mark of their fangs.

Michael and his demonic companions take on a new quest. This time, the stakes have risen as former members of Lucifer’s legion appear.

In search of gold in exchange for their heads, they’ve plunged deep into the bereavement of battle where the dead reign supreme.

Amidst cobblestone and blood moon, walk a trio of vampiric demons. 

Priscilla, a lady with a thirst for forging dolls out of flesh. 

Luna, a sorrowful minstrel with a love for poetry and tearing souls asunder.

Olivia, the woman at the helm of desolation who tarot tells fate before the tragedy has even begun!   

As insanity-inducing plagues spread and blood-curdling shrieks fill the air, will Michael’s side stand victorious in their morbid pursuit or will they sink under the plight of vampiric nobility?

Demonheart: Transylvanian Horrors is the fourth in the Demonheart series. Readers will be cast into the graves of a world inhabited by vampires and all their undead kin as Michael, along with his allies, attempt to overcome the hands of the ancient grave. All the while, the hunt for Michael’s lost memories continues amidst new shadows.