Demonheart: Prisoner Of The Memory Labyrinth

Halls of an odious world leagues below the twilight echo…with the memories of a shocking truth.

A truth that may forever change the fates of Michael and his companions.

Neck deep in dungeons to make ends meet, the momentary peace between the five of them flickers out when they discover that a great treasure has been stolen by a mysterious witch by the name of Natalya who appears to know them better than they know themselves! The only way to find her is by venturing to the realm of purgatory.

Bound for the nexus of the dead below their feet, they encounter not only a labyrinth of threats to thwart their path but a myriad of familiar faces of enemies and allies alike.

Not only have the vampire sisters appeared, but so has the little witch of the north. Why have they gathered from across the omniverse to such a misbegotten place? Could all their destinies be intertwined?

When the prisoner of purgatory’s heart drinks the last of her crimson wine, so will be unfurled a most baffling of secrets that leaves everyone questioning the very fibers that hold them in place: their memories. Will they be able to reconcile their new reality or will they be relegated to the halls of fallen memories forever?

Demonheart: Prisoner Of The Memory Labyrinth is the seventh in the Demonheart series. Readers will be plunged into the depths of bereavement and agony as the 9 witches convene for a single purpose that will forever change them.