Demonheart: In The Chapel Of Steam

Far removed from cobblestone and tavern tales, the cogs of an egregious machine have been set in motion.

Seeking to make some immediate riches after one too many dungeon crawls, Michael and his allies venture to the sixth dimension. A realm forged by the brightest hand’s humanity can concoct, as well as the most devastating.

A simple hunt for scrap metal becomes a fight for their lives as the war machines of old resurrect through steam and blood. Will history repeat or be trounced by the will of the future?

While they battle, while they seek to stand superior before the machine, an observer arrives with mysterious intent.

Who is she? What is she seeking? And how much of the archangel’s past has she unearthed?

Demonheart: In The Chapel Of Steam is the eighth in the Demonheart series. Readers will be transported to a futuristic plane where Michael and all his demonic allies stand at the bottom of the food chain. They must eat rather than be eaten before the clock tower ticks.