Demonheart: Emperor Of The Flies

An intrepid journey takes a wrong turn between fleeing ships and unyielding grasp of a worm hole.

Among its victims…Michael and his companions.

Just as they’d finished basking in what little leisure they could afford, yet another world beckons their attention. Now, they find themselves in the third dimension: a haven to magic with a number of dark secrets keep in fire and ice.

Urgent as the task of returning home has become, the greatest obstacle of Michael’s wavering resolve. An unlikely encounter with a charismatic bard by the name of Dante has him sinking into his temptations and questioning his mission of slaying his brother where he stands.

All the while, another is making his move. A wicked star of the morning tugging the strings of abyss’s past.

As the demoness pack struggle to rejuvenate his vigor, as the demon king only grows in strength, they cross an old trio of faces. Will they prove to be friends or foes this time as all their fates hang in the Archangel’s faltering hands? Or will a paradise lost prove too formidable as the emperor seeks to broker another deal?

Demonheart: Emperor Of The Flies is the sixth in the Demonheart series. Readers will be cast into the highest peaks of snow while simultaneously falling into the lowest abyss in a dichotomous race for the archangel’s return…before he can be taken again.