Demonheart: Dark Elf In Yggdrasil

The primordial roots of the world tree coil in the wake of she who goes by the little witch of the north.

Her most wicked spell…is forcing the archangel to her whim!

When Michael is abducted once more, his demoness companions are forced on yet another far flung mission. This time, to the fourth dimension where everything is gigantic in proportion and ruthless to outsiders without a second thought.

Their greatest adversary, however, is the elf who guards the rivers of the world tree. A battle hungry temptress by the Hilda who’s said to carry the rune eye.

As conflict rages in a fight for Michael, familiars of stratospheric size are cast. All are dwarfed, however, by the dark elf’s disdain for reality which runs deeper than her home’s roots.

When resolve ignites already thunderous skies and longships inch for their tenebrous destination, will the Alexa and the others reunite with their companion or will the Hilda have her way?

Demonheart: Dark Elf In Yggdrasil is the fifth in the Demonheart series. Readers will be cast into the sweeping scapes of the ancient tree and hostile denizens who call it home as the demoness coven seeks to reclaim their angelic beloved once more.