Demonheart: Cult of Blackwater

Get rid of some reptilian pests for a healthy fortune. Simple…or is it?

Just who are the lizardmen? Who would pay such a hefty fee to have them removed? The search for answers uncovers the ruins of an underwater cult and an ancient force once thought to lay dormant surfaces.

Michael and his friends have underestimated their task, and the consequences not only threaten their world but also their bond.

The demon king appears to have his own intentions through the world of dreams, but they’re the very least of their problems when land and water threaten to collide. 

A volcano erupts, the raptors roar, and the blackwater deities rise!

Demonheart: Cult Of Blackwater is the third in the Demonheart series. Readers will be plunged into a world of dinosaurs and sea monsters waging war while Michael and his companions now aim to collect more than just their payment. Memories still elude him like his dreams, but Michael won’t show any signs of slowing down; not by the erosion of deep time or by the hand of the sea.