Demonheart: Between Dreams And The Netherworld

If this isn’t our reality, has a new nightmare been set in motion? How do we crawl out from this rabbit hole?

Awakening in a whimsical world of dancing animals and mushroom castles, Michael and the Demonheart sisters are far from amused. With no clue how they arrived, terror ensues every mind. All the while, none have realized they’re being watched from the cotton candy clouds.

Eager to return home, the archangel comes across a befuddling lead: the carnival’s in town. Though it appears docile, he and his friends come to realize there’s far more hiding behind the striped tents than meets the eye.

Malice peers through the looking glass as their surroundings become both pandemonius and cryptic. Riddles lay each way they turn. Signs from nowhere tell them to step even deeper into her lair.

The bloodshot denizen who once stalked in mechanical fields has found them again. Now, she’s come for Michael…and she refuses to leave empty handed.

Demonheart: Between Dreams And The Netherworld is the ninth in the Demonheart series. Readers will be taken to a word more extravagant and nonsensical than any they’ve seen thus far in this story. The wonky becomes a way of life, as do one’s most terrifying hallucinations. However, fact will prove more frightening than fiction when we learn a secret that puts Michael’s growing love for his demonic partners to the test.