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Hello, and welcome! If you’re here, I’m assuming you’ve either taken an interest in some of my personal novels or you’d like to have me work on one with you. Maybe a guy with a handlebar mustache who writes about dragons and wizards all day just seems like an interesting fellow to talk to. Regardless, I’m happy to have you.  

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Who exactly is the man behind all these gritty stories? Here’s a little about how I got into the craft of storytelling. I’ve been writing for a little over seven years now. This all started back in college when I had a very vivid dream about a young outcast who had to scour the medieval world in search of his missing memories stowed in the organs he’d also lost. How any of that makes anatomical sense is beyond me. Even so, with his reluctant female companion, his journey could begin. What they didn’t know was that mine did, as well. That inspired the first Demonheart novel. I’ve been churning out wonky tales ever since. 

That’s great and all. He followed his literal dream, even though it came off as more of a nightmare. What does this do for me? I have a story, too. However, I can’t seem to draw the right influence, and I’d rather not try to become an organ hunter in my subconsciousness to make it happen. I didn’t think I’d ever say this in response to such a rebuttal, but I’m here to help with your organ hunting dilemma! (Purely in the context of writing stories. A big old yuck to anything else). Like I mentioned earlier, when I’m not crafting my own books, I’m helping budding bards like yourselves in manifesting your tales. If you have an idea inside you, no matter how crazy it may seem, I’d be delighted to bring it to life. Few things are more fulfilling than putting a wild tale onto the literary canvas, right?

Stay as long as you’d like. Peruse my tome of tantalizing tales or excavate my flurry of fantastical freelance services. Whether you’re window shopping for now or ready to put ink to the digital parchment, J.J. Egosi is here for the assist!

Grimlock Tales- Horror Anthology

A blood curdling anthology of a man’s descent into madness.

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Seeking Your Own Story? I’ve spent many years writing my own fiction novels. Each, I’ve come to love in a different way. In doing so, and in integrating myself into a devoted writing community, I’ve met all sorts of people who want all sorts of stories. That gave me the idea: using my own experience to write the stories for them. If you’re seeking to have a project done, no matter which stage you’re at, I’m happy to help. Give me a detailed blueprint of what you want your story to be, and I’ll do everything I can to bring it to life. Having been fortunate enough to write the number of books I have now, I can tell you there are few things more satisfying, which is why I want to give that feeling to you.

All you need to do is follow the link above. That’ll take you straight to my publishing services tab where you can get a more thorough understanding of what I can offer you.